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Social Media Data Analysis: Twitter Sentimental Analysis using R Language

Social Media is one of the biggest platform for information sharing. Social data Analysis is the analysis of people’s interaction in social context. The data analyzed here is collected through social networking site Twitter. Sentimental analysis allows us to grab a hint of inclination of people’s views in favor or against of any subject. This paper is about the Sentimental Analysis of tweets on topic BARCELONA TERROR ATTACK. The basic motivation to use this topic is to observe, examine and analyze how people criticize a situation either by expressing their aggression against terrorist or supporting the victims, as we all condemn such inhuman activities in our own way. To analyze sentiments of tweets we are using a powerful statistical tool, R programming. This analysis will be based on classifying views of people in eight different categories of emotion (anger, trust, fear, anticipation, disgust, sadness, joy, surprise) and two different sentiments (namely positive and negative) from the emotion lexicon EmoLex. Index Terms - Barcelona Terror Attack, Data analysis, Emotions, R Programming, Sentimental Analysis, Social Media, Social Networking, Twitter.