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Region of Interest Based Adaptable Watermarking Technique for Medical Images

Telemedicine allows transmission of medical images from one geographical region to other over the communication network for various purposes like diagnosis, treatment, interpretation, etc. During transmission, these images can be manipulated or tampered by malicious attacks. Thus, to avail a hindrance free transmission of medical images security and authentication is foremost concern now of researchers. We have proposed blind and robust watermarking scheme to enhance security of medical images. The image is separated into region of interest (ROI) and region of non interest (RONI). Only RONIs are used to embed watermark. The authentication process detects any tamper in ROI and RONI regions and recovers ROI if tampered. In addition recovery is also performed if the RONIs storing ROI are tempered. Keywords - Region of Interest, Region of Non Interest, Telemedicine, Watermarking.