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Analysing Grant Program of HRSA for Healthcare using Hive

Big data holds great promises to change health care for better. Various advancements and digitalization of processes involved in healthcare organizations give rise to adopt big data analytic techniques to acquire, store, process healthcare data. Hive has been widely used in organizations like Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn, Taobao, Yahoo, Spotify and Tencent, to manage and process large volumes of data. It is an open source project used as data warehouse for Hadoop. With all the technical advancements, healthcare also needs the financial support to deliver all the facilities to patients and healthcare industries, which is provided by many grant programs. The paper focuses on analysing the data which contains the financial assistance provided to healthcare by HRSA in U.S. for the period of last 8 years, using hive. Keywords - Big data, Big Data Analytics, Data Warehouse, Healthcare, Hadoop, Hive