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Risk Assessment and Management of Network Security Incidents through Organization Culture and its Challenges

Now a day it is very important to provide a high level security to secure our Network and valuable data. Intrusion Detection or incident System identification is an essential technology in Network and data Security. [1]Currently researchers have interested on intrusion detection system of the secret data has regularly more become a societal problem. Data leak typically target specific organizations or persons, and a degree of risk involved in data security is considered part of normal business. During a time intensive identifying the incident process, for example, incident may at times meet several new terminologies. In such a scenario, the time required to discover and analysis the root cause of possible security incident strength be influenced by the complication concerned in resolve the import of new terminologies encounter. [2]This research aims to identify the causes of data loss by apply organizational hypothesis and analysis tools in order to make known the mechanisms behind Network security incidents. Furthermore, this research discusses the relationship between organizational goal and organization culture values in order to propose solutions for organizational weaknesses. Keywords - Network Security Incidents, Organization Culture, Risk assessment, Risk management framework, Data loss and challenges.