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An Efficient Approach towards Smart Hierarchical Sensor Network using Embedded Systems and IoT Principles

In today’s era, the domain of embedded systems and concepts of Internet of things (IoT) have evolved to a great extent. According to the recent improvements and advancements in fields of computer science and artificial intelligence the sub-fields of the domains have proven to be acme upto certain limits. Embedded systems are also well known for their compactness, compatibility, efficient and ability to achieve M2M (Machine to Machine) communication in any application. These systems when configured with appropriate hardware and software settings can be deployed in any smart environment to achieve improvised communication between machines using wireless technologies. This paper describes a smart hierarchical sensor network based on a microcontroller-processor: ‘Rasberry pi 3’. Unlike Beagle-bone and Arduino processors, the newly configured raspberry pi is equipped with Bluetooth and Wifi features without any external circuit or support. The vital challenge in this project is to create a strong hierarchical sensor network consisting of nodes supported by raspberry pi and which would be able to gain and monitor data according to the principles of IoT. This real time multipurpose sensor network can be deployed in various application and areas such as museums, malls, automation industries, home automation and business organizations. Keywords - Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Environment, Rasberry pi, Sensors, embedded systems, hierarchical network.