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Task Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing: A Review

Cloud computing is a rising technology in distributed computing which facilitate pay per model as per user command and requirement. Cloud consists of a set of virtual machine which includes both computational and storage facility. Now a days, cloud computing technology is used all over. Cloud provides many facilities due to its vast area such that sharing of resources for different purposes. The primary aim of cloud computing is to give most suitable access to remote scattered resources. Cloud is developing day by day and faces many challenges, one of them is scheduling. In this context, Scheduling becomes a necessary factor to discuss. Scheduling points to a set of rules to control the order of work to be fulfilled by a system. A good scheduler fit its scheduling policy according to the varying situation and the type of task. To efficiently increase the working of cloud computing environments, task scheduling is one the main Task performed in order to get highest profit. This paper gives a comprehensive survey on such problems and provide a detailed analysis of some best scheduling techniques from the domain of soft computing with their performance in cloud computing. Keywords - Cloud computing, Task Scheduling Algorithms, Heuristic Techniques.