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Design and Development of a Cost Effective Flex Sensors for Recognition of International Sign Language Through the Motion of Hand

Muteness or mutism, generally referred as an inability to speak, is often caused by a speech disorder, hearing loss, or surgery; it is prevalent in around 5% of the world population. The communication methods for the person having these disabilty thoroughly rely upon the movement of their hands and articulations. By designing cost effective flex sensors, we may solve many problems, related to sign vocalization for these hard of hearing individuals, which are unable to express their demeanor to typical individuals. The technology may be used in building robotic arms, and in the military based on hand gestures. In this project, we propose a cost effective bidirectional flex sensor and its general fabrication procedure. Further, we used this sensor along with MEMS accelerometer, Bluetooth module and Arduino Mega to create a Data glove, for Recognition of International Sign Language via the motion of the hand. Furthermore, the output generated by data glove was processed by Arduino and its related expression after computation was transferred to the mobile phone. In the presented work, we successfully designed two types of flex sensors using different material i.e. Copper & Aluminium. Results obtained with copper as a material were extremely encouraging for designing a sensitive flex sensor for this purpose. Keywords - Sign Vocalization, MEMS Accelerometer, Arduino, Data glove, Bidirectional flex sensor.