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A Modified FGP Solution Procedure for Bi-Level Quadratic Fractional Programming Problem

This paper presents a modified Fuzzy Goal Programming solution procedure for Bi-level Quadratic Fractional Programming Problem. In this solution procedure, perspective goals of second level decision maker in the form of membership functions have been introduced in making a fuzzy goal programming model for first level decision maker as a constraint vector and similarly Fuzzy Goal programming model for second level decision makers preserves the objectives of both hierarchical levels as the constraint vectors in the form of membership functions and hence to achieve their intentions more precisely to overcome their negotiation. This is so nurturing for calculating the compromised solution because of the mutual interaction between both the levels. A numerical example of supply demand problem similar to real life situation has been provided to check the applicability and reliability of the proposed modified model. Keywords - Quadratic Programming, Bi-Level Hierarchical Optimization, Quadratic Fractional Programming, Fuzzy Goal Programming,