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High-Level Optimizations for High-Level Synthesis

The rapidly increasing complexity of computer hardware makes impossible to design using directly HDLs. High-level synthesis can automatically deliver optimal HDL codes from high-level programming language code. Therefore, it becomes easier to design coprocessors, accelerators, and, in general, special-purpose hardware, in project time. Furthermore, high-level compiler optimizations improve the quality of generated hardware descriptions in terms of performance and size. Our high-level optimizations transform the input code, in order to generate high-performance output hardware description. In this paper, we discuss high-level compiler-based optimizations for high-level synthesis, such as loop pipelining in the front end of the prototype C-Cubed synthesis tool. Moreover, a novel pipelining technique that minimizes the area of the pipeline prologue and epilogue, is analyzed. Finally, we evaluate our optimizations with synthesis results of the Livermore loops and Mpeg2 open-source codes. Index Terms - high-level synthesis; formal hardware synthesis; compilers; compiler optimizations; loop transformations; loop pipelining; programming languages; hardware description languages; RTL design.