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Promoting The Time Of Crystal Set Suggestion Networks Near Efficient Power Management Technique

Sensor nodes are capable of performing several tasks such as computation, prepossessing and transmission of data. This entire task uses power source which is basically battery. ThusPower conservation becomes most important concept in wireless sensor network. In this paperI am presenting a power efficient technique ERPMT i.e. Efficient Power Management Technique. The power consumption of Wireless sensor network which is using Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing (AODV) Algorithm is minimised along with the use of ERPMT.The ERPMT technique divides the sensor energy into two parts which individually use for received or self-generated data. The packets which are sending are forwarded in compressed form which further helps in less power utilisation. The result of simulation shows the comparison in the energy consumption of the network with and without using of energy efficient technique. The NS2 simulator is used for showing the result of simulation.