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Chunk And Betterment Of A Self-Reconfigurable Alter Protean Mobile Robot

The recent natural and man-made disasters have urged the study and research on the Urban Search and Rescue robots. A novel link type modular shape shifting robot, with the ability to change its shape is designed and developed for potential application in Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) operations. The shape-shifting robot has three modules, capable of achieving three kinds of symmetry configurations with each configuration having its own unique mobility. The configuration of the robot changes depending on the nature of the environment. The link-arm provided on the module re- orients the shape of the robot based on the feedback information obtained from the sensors on the robot. The shape shifting of the robot is achieved using High torque DC motors provided on the link arms and the main module of the robot. Ultrasonic sensors provide the necessary intelligence to the robot. The sensors are used to determine the path available for the navigation of the robot and depending on the available path, reconfiguration of the robot takes place and correspondingly rescue operation is carried out.