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Comparitive Analysis of Packet Sniffers, Analysers and Tools

From last ten years size of the network continues to grow in terms of complexity of data, type of information and number of users. The amount and type of network traffic data flowing at each link has increased drastically. To identify and track on these links,packet sniffers, which are also called a network monitor or network analyzers are required. Many system administrator or network administrator use it to monitoring and troubleshoot the network traffic. As number of users and flow of traffic increased in past few years, it’s very important to monitor networks traffic as well as its user’s activities to keep the network smooth and efficient. For enterprise from big network it’s difficult task to maintain and monitor the network, because the large amount of information available. Packet sniffers are useful for both wired and wireless networks. The purpose of this paper is to analysis various of packet sniffers and packet analyzers how it works in Wired and wireless environment and also compare different tools available for packet sniffer and analyze and lastly make one comparative analysis based on different parameters. Indexterms- Wire Shark, TCP Dump,Packet Filter, Network analyzer, Packet sniffer.