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Maturity Model for Security in IoT

IoT is slowly becoming a common and unavoidable necessity in the society both at home and outside. This means that products like appliances and other systems (Washing Machines, Home Automation systems) in the home and systems outside (Smart farming, Smart Devices, Smart Vehicles etc.) are evolving rapidly. In the process of this evolution, companies need to keep pace by providing more feature functions, improving the way these products perform and increasing their efficiency all the while reducing costs and time to market. But this means a lot of companies are not giving enough importance to security, which may lead to easier hacks in to these IoT appliances and systems. This paper proposes a CMM like Model, with which any stakeholder can evaluate the security level of the IoT device or system and can improve it. Five levels of Security are proposed namely, Compromised, Inceptive, Exploratory, Perceptive and Enhancing. As the IoT Applications can range from very small (controlling appliance from a mobile app) to very big (collecting data, filtering and sending data to Cloud, analysing the data and taking decisions etc.), the security level applicable to these Applications also changes. Key words- CMM, IoT, IoT security, Security Levels