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An Advanced Strategy in Application for Visually Impaired

To guide people with vision loss, ranging from partially sighted to totally blind, by means of audio instructions systems are capable. The Proposed hardware is to provide an effective navigation tool for blind which gives a sense about the environmental scenario of stationary and moving objects around them. All the devices are used to detect the obstacles and to guide the user towards the available path. Technologies are working on implementation of smart eye for visually impaired people in different ways like voice based assistance, ultrasonic based assistance camera assistance and some researchers are trying to give transplantation of real eyes with robotic eyes which can capable enough to plot the real image over patient retina using some biomedical technologies. Developing an integrated architecture system of sensing technology and voice based guidance system which could give better solution than individual technology by the use of embedded device. Index terms- Navigation system; Advanced Strategy: visually impaired; obstacle detection; microcontroller