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Transportation Cost Modeling and Computational Program based on ASM-Method

The aim of this study is to develop the web-based system for solving the transport-cost optimization problem based on the ASM-Method. Though similar applications and solutions are available, they mostly are proprietary in nature and are offered through licensing only. Others methods of computing steps or algorithms are carefully considered, simulated and finally compared to see for any discrepancies with the aforementioned. The problem yielding the optimality holds true and is valid when the number of origins and destinations are limited to within 10 locations and where the differences between demand and supply are kept under 60 units. Hence, this Operations Research-driven concept is concluded to effective and efficient for the management of transportation expenditures specific to the supply-chain type of business. In addition, it is directly deployed for modeling the web-prototype based on PHP programming and relevant web technologies. By completing the testing followed by the first-phase implementation, the initial results are found to be satisfactory. Index Terms- ASM-Method, computational program, transportation problem, optimal solution.