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A New Scaled Agile Maturity Model for Software Development Projects

In the fast changing world of software development technologies, the companies are entering the agile transformation process to present fast and better solutions to their customers. As the agile techniques at the team level have produced successful results, scaled agile frameworks have gained importance to make whole organization agile. Because Nexus is the most current agile framework, not a methodology, developed on this field, the level of implementation and knowledge in the industry is less than other scaled agile frameworks. For this reason, the companies in the Nexus adoption process need a gradual and uniform model as a guideline. For this need, this paper presents to the software development companies and the literature a practical and structured maturity model. At the beginning of this study, an existing maturity model was taken as a base model. By the literature review, the initial maturity model was created, then the Delphi technique was carried out to develop and perfect the model by soliciting feedback from the industry experts. Index Terms- Software development, Nexus framework, Maturity model, Agility, Scaling agile.