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Attractiveness of Parkour Games on Mobile Devices

In order to capture the attractiveness of Parkour Games, this study based on Miryoku Engineering and Evaluation Grid Method to extract frequent users’ abstract feelings and corresponded these feelings with the concrete elements for game designing. Moreover, players were grouped according to their involvement to explore whether different players had different perceptions toward the attractiveness factors of Parkour Games. In the EGM diagram, this study obtained 49 concrete attractiveness factors and eight dimensions of game design. This study also found that there were two significant attractiveness factors influencing all three groups, including “Comic styles or illustrative styles”, “Rhythmic music”, and “Intuitive operation (dodging, jumping, bending) to immediately derive enjoyment”. This study builds a process obtaining attractiveness of mobile games through this case and the results can serve as an orientation during decision-making in game design. Index Terms- Attractiveness, EGM, Game, Involvement, Mobile Device, Parkour.