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Kidtech–Challenging Contemporary Technologies

Life, now-a-days is virtual and this virtual world is the part of upcoming generation’s daily routine. The present technology has barriers to keep Kid’s away from misleading contents but they are not enough. They are dependent on data from audio, video, gaming, educational applications and other sources. The new way of dealing the problem, i.e. barrier crossing by kids, is to build a whole new platform which will be the combination of modern tools with the contemporary methods. Introducing new OS specifically for kids. It will help to monitor their activities on digital devices and then to modify their lifestyle by altering the contents of digital devices and thereby daily tasks of the kid. It will be always connected to concerned personsso that they can assess daily activities and hence change accordingly. Index terms- Technology survey, kid using technology, internet and kid, re-invent kid technology, advantage and disadvantages of technology, future technology, daily reports.