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Latest Trends in Human Activity Recognition and Behavioral Analysis using Different Types of Sensors

Human behavioral analysis (HBA) is an active area of research centered on analyzing the principles of physical and psychological human behavior. Activity recognition using sensors is already implemented through wearable devices and smartphones, while many studies are being carried out to further improve and strengthen the accuracy and precision of data gathered from different type of sensors. One of the biggest potential large-scale implementations of HBA could be more self-adaptive smart homes. The aim of this paper is to summarize 20 papers from the past 5 years (2013-2018). These papers used a spectrum of sensors to further improve human activity recognition (HAR) performance, while some try to bridge the gap between physical and psychological recognition (HBA). Results demonstrated that the smartphone is the most used device for the potential increase in the accuracy of behavior classifications. Additionally, accelerometers and gyro-scopes are the most common choice of sensors for tracking human activities. Index Terms - Human Activity Recognition, Human Behavioral Analysis, Emotion Recognition, Activity Sensors