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Enhanced Opinion Mining Approach using SVM in Persian Language

Opinion mining is used to classify opinions which are very popular nowadays in the area of sentiment analysis. Opinion mining has been used to find senses in the text. Usually it categorizes sentences into agree and disagree or positive and negative classes. Many researches have been performed in the area of opinion mining. One of the main reasons to pass opinion mining is the vast use of internet which enables web client to share their senses and feeling about their environment. Since 2002 researchers have been started working in the area of opinion mining, and till now 1500 research papers have been published in this area. Some applications of opinion mining are in the area of stock prediction, movie recommendation and election’s result prediction. In this research paper different modeling algorithms have been compared and SVM (Support Vector Machine) is found the robust algorithm among them. Keywords - Opinion mining, sentiment analysis, feature selection, SVM, ngram