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Using a Multi-Perspectives Approach for Building a Socio-Technical Information System in World Wide IT Environment

Since the last years there has growing interest in implementing more flexible information systems to face the world wide IT environment (e-learning, mobile learning, cloud infrastructure, etc). Technological aspects of collaboration among networked enterprises are handled by installing advanced infrastructure with contemporary information and communication technologies. From the organizational perspective, the management of collaboration among several organizations is recommended to follow best practices and methodologies. To proceed from theory to implementation, the overall solution has to cover organizational and technological aspects of companies’ integration. In this paper we propose a socio-technical information system (STIS) with must integrated the social, business and technical needs of an enterprise. As a first aim of our proposed STIS is to ensure that both technical and human factor should whenever possible given equal weight in the design process. As a second objective of the STIS is to provide the right information at the right place and the right time and thereby enable communication between people machine and computer and their efficient cooperation and coordination. To build the proposed STSI, we propose a multi-perspectives approach based on a usage, modeling, SOA and ESB-integration perspectives. We use the BPM modeling to take into account the different perspectives. Index Terms - Socio-technical information system, BPM, ESB, IT environment.