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Modernized Enlightenment of IT Making the World Technological

As we are all aware of IT, it has its own modern existence from centuries when the ARPANET was introduced, from then the IT industry has come a long way to its current shape where it is playing a vital role in increasing the globalization. The impact of IT on the society is to live a quantifying and technological world. It has made revolutionary changes in information gathering as well as in global communication. It is creating paperless work in most of the fields. We can also communicate very easily to any apart of the world within fraction of seconds. In education field it has its own contribution, where an instructor can sit in any part of the world and interact with the listeners by presenting their views. This simple example shows where we exactly stand by. We also find establishments or new industrial practise that promote great decisions. As with traditional labours management may have lower productivity. But with IT management can have higher productivity. If higher proportion of workers use computers, it consumes less cost and time. This improves the productivity and speed of work in many fields. Longitudinal Research Database (LRD) uses data from unique national representation. Some establishments have been adopted transformed or new industrial relation practices that gave an awareness. This paper helps to know how IT industries impact globally, concentrating on our future for society. Keywords - ARPANET, LRD, IT, Industrial Relation Practice