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Java 8 New Features and Development Standards

This paper presents new features added in JDK platform (JDK 8). With no doubts, java 8 release is considered one of the important releases in the java world since java 5. It brings lots of new features to the Java as a language, its compiler, libraries, tools and the JVM (Java virtual machine) itself. We know that the changes to Java 8 are a lot of ways more profound than the other changes to Java in its history. The features and enhancements allow us to write programs more easily—instead of writing tedious code like the following (to sort a list of apples in inventory based on their weight), In this paper we are going to take a look on all these changes and show the different usage scenarios on real examples. The objective of development standards is to promote a consistent approach to java code formatting and design pattern across all contributors to the code base. A consistent approach makes it much easier for new java developers joining the development or support team, and to experienced java developers reviewing and/or modifying existing code. Wherever possible, the standards will be supported by the development tools (specifically Eclipse) to make it as easy as possible for the standards to be adhered as well. Keywords - JDK 1.8, JVM, Stream, Lambda Expressions, Eclipse