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Intelligent Personal Assistant for Vehicles

Due to the increasing user demands, the automotive industry is rapidly changing and in large part. In these smarter, and safer cars, interactions play the lead role by simply training the machine with our likes and dislikes - i.e. being possible only through the magical touch of artificial intelligence, deep learning etc. Autonomous and semi- autonomous driving are the key trends everyone is talking about and it changes the whole world of driving. Also there are many other exciting ways Artificial intelligence technologies help improve the fantasies of driving. That comes as Intelligent Personal Assistants. Now-a-days most personal assistants are proliferating through smartphones but there is innovation happening behind the wheels that brings an automotive assistant to meet the needs of a driver and driving-related needs better, faster, and safer. This is being built with the combination of smart interaction, contextualization, personalization, and knowledge, known to be the pillars of artificial intelligence. Keywords - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing.