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Laborem - A Network of Open Source Remotelaboratories Forlearning

The increase in numerical technologies development makes possible the emergence of new pedagogical tools as remote laboratories. The instrumentation of technological systems and distant interfaces offers new possibility for a distant learner. The Labo REM platform, designed with this objective, is running and evolving since 2009.In this paper, we present the evolution from a local solution to a network of remote laboratories. To deploy remote laboratories informatics and electronics development are needed. Based on these objectives, a novel approach using Python as unique programming language is used. A generic PCB (Printed Circuit Board) approach has been designed to answer robustness and adaptive needs. These developments will help to spread Labo REM to other education remote laboratories. Keywords - e-learning, game-based learning, industrial engineering, labwork, student motivation, online education, virtual instruments, remote laboratory, SCADA.