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Database Interaction by using Natural Language

Data for any purpose whatever be it any academic, business, medical etc. is being stored digitally and increasing every day. Database is main source of all information. For accessing information, we have to train for special formal language namely SQL. We are unable to access information without experience of this formal language from Database. NLIDB is an approach for accessing information stored in database without any knowledge of formal language. Naive user can also access the information by using their own known natural language through NLIDB. They have to text or use voice to user interface to access data. So, there is a need for manipulating data directly using natural language via text or voice of common people instead of doing manually. In this paper we proposed the system that retrieve the information from database through intermediate generation of SQL while users will not aware of this process when they try to interact with database for retrieving information by using their own natural language. Keywords - Natural Language (NL), NLIDB (Natural Language Interface to Database), SQL (Structured Query Language), Relational Database.