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Exploiting Heterogeneity for Cost Efficient Cellular Base Station Deployment using Metaheuristics

Current and next generation cellular network operators are faced with the challenge of providing extremely high capacity while at the same time minimizing their system ownership cost, which are largely contributed by the base station deployment. Heterogeneous networks enabled by small cell base station and MIMO are key technologies for achieving high system capacity. This paper proposes a novel optimization problem for cost efficient deployment of base stations, which aims to exploit heterogeneity in both technologies. We show generic steps for applying a meta-heuristic algorithm to the problem. Our results show that our prosed base station deployment problem improves the cost efficiency of the network planning both in terms of power and infrastructural cost (Capex) to operators. Index terms - Small cells, Heterogeneous network, Base station deployment, Meta-heuristics, Simulated annealing, 5G.