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Fuzzy Logic Gesture Control based Robotic Arm Movement using Microcontroller Color Coding Technique

With the enhancements in technology, the human being is much indulged in technical era where advent of automation handles the working processes in daily routines. This paper is hereby framed to presents the design of the gesture based movement of the robotic arm, keeping in mind the kinematics involved while the trajectory of robot movement takes place. A robotic arm movement presented in this case is one such type of robot which performs various operations such as pick and drop, with claw open, close and moving the objects up, down, left and right. Further, in this postulation, an objective to develop a robotic arm which is cost effective, capable of 360o angle movement and free from monitoring, using gesture control, MATLAB Fuzzy Logic Toolbox has been proposed. The robotic arm designed in this work is programmed using “soft computing technique” i.e. fuzzy logics based decision making rule set and easy to control as it performs tasks on the basis of color codes. The proposed model with the wireless control save the time and the cost as the model is working without using sensors. Keywords - Robots, robotic arm, movements, soft computing, fuzzy logic set.