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Blockchain: Imminent of Cyber Security and Financial

Securely exchanging the digital currency, transaction and performing the deals through a decentralized ledger is coined as a Blockchain. Access is given to each and every member in the network to ‘the latest copy of the encrypted ledger’ such that they can validate a new transaction The collective Bitcoin transactions being completed in the past is the Blockchain Ledger. In simple terms we can refer Blockchain to a distributed database that retains a constantly growing meddle free data structure blocks that holds a bunch of individual transaction. Once the blocks are complete they are added to the lined chronological order. Similar to Linked list the block holds a timestamp and the data link which points to its previous block. A peer-to-peer permission-less network allows each and every user to connect to a network and sends new transactions to be verified once, they are verified a new block is created this is coined as Bitcoin. This paper aims in explaining the model and features of Blockchain and Bitcoin. It mainly endeavors on how the Blockchain is influencing the imminent of financial sector cyber securely. Index Terms—blockchain, cyber security, bitcoin block chain and crytocurrecy.