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Awareness of Korean University Students on Computational Thinking

Thinking as a computer scientist to solve a problem is called as computational thinking(CT). The 4th Industrial revolution centered at the SW technology forces one to think as a computer scientist and to use a computer every days in one’s social life. It has an influence on K-12 schools and so students are learned the SW coding as a way of CT. Korean universities also begin to have interest in CT. To impose CT to curriculum, we surveyed awareness of Korean university students on CT. We sampled 51 students and divided them two groups; one for the ICT-major group(38) and the other for non ICT-major group(13). After teaching the SW coding for 20 hours in an occasional course, awareness on the CT was measured through questionnaire survey. According to the survey, above 50% of the ICT-major group has realized to the necessity of the CT training and also responded that thinking ability could be enhanced by systematic training. Conclusively, above 60% of the ICT-major group agreed that CT has to be added to their curriculum. The important thing is to tie up with the K-12 curriculum. It requires a research on the contents and the level of education for university students. Keywords - Computational Thinking, Logical Reasoning, Data=oriented problem solving, Computation-oriented Problem Solving, Algorithm