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AR LAB for Innovative Teenage Learning and Experience

In this era, technology becomes a popular way for education since it has some advantages over the traditional ways. Therefore, we decided to use the latest AR (Augmented Reality) technology to make the games and applications more realistic and bring to the education of teenagers. We have developed four apps; In “LabAR”, teenagers can perform chemistry experiments with less equipment and less danger. In “AR Nail Polish”, teenagers can experience how to design their own nail polish by changing the color and placing the decorations. Also, they can learn what the color might be like after the effect of the light. “Explore your world” provides teenagers with another method to gain entertainment. It can let them share different opinions of the world and learn things they cannot imagine. “AR Basketball Game” allows teenagers to set the playground in any place and observe the physical phenomenon at the same time. We have also developed a technology to support Kinect chemical experiments. By using Unity, the game engine, and Microsoft Kinect Sensor (Kinect v2) we can track the user’s hand position, and show the virtual experiment objects which will follow the user’s hand position. The result will present as if there is a virtual laboratory equipment (Beaker, Erlenmeyer flask, etc.) on the user’s hand. This will be helpful for explaining some chemical experiments in the way of AR to teenagers. Index Terms - AR, Education, Kinect v2, Unity.