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Evaluation of Thailand Rajabhat University Website Content based on Webometrics

Nowadays, important online tool which present organization is website. Content on website is the most key to communicate between organization and user who travel on the site and educational institution too. Moreover, university also use website to exhibit their information to outside for display course, activities and other in their campus. Therefore, website university ranking is significant thing to focus. Webometrics ranking of world university is the ranking of website educational institution, they emphasize about user accessibility of website. In this paper, we study about university website user, top 10 and bottom 10 of Thailand rajabhat universities ranking and Webometrics visibility indicators. This article aims to evaluate the average times which user use in website, total of non-unique visitors of website and percentage of bounce rate of Thailand University’s website which ranked in Webometrics. The result should help website’s administrator manage their content and It may help them to move up their site in Webometrics Ranking of World Universities too. Index Terms - Webometrics; Website Visibility; Bounce Rate; Website Content; Content.