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A Study on Adaptive Learning Approach for Computer Programming

Learning programming is challenging for Polytechnic students in Singapore as some of the programming concepts are quite abstract for beginner students. In a traditional classroom environment or web-based e-learning environment, teachers normally prepare a set of standard teaching materials for all students. However, students generally have different learning capabilities and it is hard to fulfill the learning needs of all students with the blanket teaching approach. Adaptive learning with the support of technologies aim to address such issue with customized learning approach for individual students. In this paper, we present a study on investigating the impact of adopting adaptive learning for a fundamental programming module. A prototype intelligent tutoring system was developed for the adaptive learning approach. During the study, a mixed method was adopted using a quantitative method involving a set of questionnaires and a qualitative method using structured interviews to collect data on student learning. Data collected from the quantitative and qualitative methods were analyzed. In addition, some improvements and constraints are also dismissed. Overall, it is believed that adaptive learning approach can enhance students’ learning by providing a customized learning environment. Keywords - Adaptive Learning, Computer Programming, Learning Technology and Computer Education.