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The Role of Information Technology and Data Processing in The Marketing Sector of Companies Provider Payment Services using The ata Mining Method of Decision Trees

In today's world, economy has different business sections compared to the past so that a new business has emerged as e-commerce that has contributed a specific place to itself in the economy, in this space the companies providing payment services and banks render an extensive investment and planning to make the most of funds obtained from electronic trading so that the creation, maintenance and network development requires significant spending, and lack of using these services for any reason will cause great losses for the companies providing payment services and other value chain, there for using smart marketing techniques derived from data mining methods in the field of decision trees is proposed as a strategic solution to identify different classes in various geographical regions in order to maximize the suitable selection of areas for marketing. The results of analysis indicate the accuracy of the models CHAID and Decision Tree to the extent of 80.18 Percentage. Keywords- Data mining, intelligent marketing, Decision trees, Payment service provider companies