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Comparision of DYMO and GPSR Routing Protocols in Manet

Network simulation is the most predominant evaluation techniques in the area of computer networks. The simulation models can be developed by researchers for evaluating the behavior and performance of protocols for different networks. Widespread use of mobile and portable devices such as laptops, PDAs etc. makes the mobile ad hoc networks receive more attention for connectivity between these devices in real time. Various routing protocols have been proposed for MANETs but results in limited bandwidth, high throughput, end-to-end delay, packet delivery ratio and more energy consumption etc. In this paper, we will compare the routing protocols ”Dynamic MANET on Demand Routing Protocol” (DYMO) and ”Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing” (GPSR) which are used for mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) and we will draw some conclusions from a simulation. This study was performed using a simulation model of DYMO and GPSR which we simulated from the OMNeT++ simulation environment. The number of nodes and the mobility speed is varied whereas other parameters remain constant. The performance of the protocols will be evaluated upon the values of ping loss rate under different scenarios created using varying number of nodes and speed. Keywords - DYMO, GPSR, MANET routing protocols.