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Green Auction- A Farmer Friendly Android Application

Agriculture is the backbone of India. The advancement in India’s agriculture will mainly depend on the farmer’s income. The static progress in the field of agriculture is one of the main concerns of India. The existing government programmes proposed in the field of agriculture don’t focus on eliminating the middlemen between the farmers and consumers. We aim at developing an Android application which directly connects the farmers and the consumers by avoiding any link with middlemen which will bring a change in the profit the farmers make. Our app will involve a bidding portal which allows farmers to put up their prices for their produce based on the consumer’s initial bid. The farmer can quote a price which will help him get a fair pricing. This bidding process favours the farmer, bridging the communication gap between the farmers and the end-consumers. Our android app will provide a user-friendly, interactive interface. Keywords - Eliminating Middlemen, Auction Portal, Bidding Process, Market Analysis, Rating System