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Artificial Intelligence: A Boon to Web Accessibility

The term “artificial intelligence” means when a machine tries to mimic the human behaviour like its ability to predict and take decision based on its intelligence. Nowadays, AI is trending on first priority which is used in marketing of products, services, research, accessibility, etc. It is a questionnaire which type of products and services do actually confront as AI. There are different products and services today which use Artificial Intelligence for reliable output and better accuracy at minimal cost among which some of the areas are education, robotics, autonomous cars, industrial automation, etc. Artificial Intelligence makes use of Machine Learning algorithms to have accurate results. Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence where Machine Learning deals with Big Data to learn from vast data as a token of experiences. The more number of training sets we take to implement Machine Learning algorithm, the better will be its result. Regardless of the definition of “artificial intelligence”, innovation in this field provides immense potential, especially for people with disability. In this paper we will throw some light on the technologies that changed the face of web accessibility. We review some existing products and services, and their support for web accessibility using artificial intelligence. Keywords – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Accessibility, Person with Disability, Alternative Texts, etc.