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Analysis of Algorithm used in Face Recognition System

Face recognition is one of the most challenging aspect in the field of image analysis. Face recognition has been a topic of active research since the 1980’s, proposing solutions to several practical problems. Face recognition is probably the biometric method that is used to identify people mainly from their faces. However, the recognition process used by the human brain for identifying faces is very challenging. In this paper, a Genetic Algorithm (GA) based approach is proposed for face recognition. The proposed algorithm recognizes an unknown image by comparing it with the known training images stored in the database and gives information regarding the person recognized. The proposed algorithm is then compared with other known face recognition algorithms viz: Principal Component Analysis(PCA) and Linear Discriminate Analysis (LDA) algorithms. It has been observed that the recognition rate of the proposed algorithm is better. Keywords: Face Recognition; UMIST; ORL; PCA; LDA; Genetic Algorithm.