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Multi-Purpose Spraying Drone

A number of techniques are taken into account and discussed in this paper to solve similar issues applicable in various sectors. The drone finds application in the field of agriculture by spraying/sprinkling water and pesticides. It can be used as a potential supplement to fire fighting trucks in cases where ladders cannot reach a particular height, such as high skyscrapers. In addition to this, the drone will serve the purpose of sprinkling bleaching powders and spraying other gaseous elements to fulfill the purpose of disease prevention. In the field of agriculture, the drone will reduce a farmer’s efforts of cultivating a particular sector of the field, thereby speeding up the process. The drone will send SMS alerts to the user mentioning the water level in the tank thus informing when to refill it. Furthermore, when the drone functions as a fire fighter, it can carry the hose pipes to the highest possible levels for extinguishing the fire. The drone uses a Pixhawk 2.4.8 as a flight-controller and a GPS tracking system to guide the hexacopter to reach a specific location. Thus, this increases the drone’s overall efficiency and helps the users to solve the above mentioned problems. Keywords - Hexacopter, Sprinkling Drone, Multipurpose Spraying Drone, Pixhawk 2.4.8, GPS Tracking System