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Symmetric Encryption Algorithm for Data Security and Privacy using Linear Convolution Sum Technique

Security is major concern in data handling, communication, message transmission and electronic transaction on public network. Cryptography (secret writing) is the encryption process of transformation of messages to make information secure and resistant to attack. The idea of encryption algorithm which we can encode our data in secret code and not to be able readable by hackers or unauthorized person even it is hacked. Cryptography algorithms are two types such as symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography. This paper proposes a symmetric cryptographic algorithm to maintain Confidentiality of data from unauthorized person. The proposed algorithm is Symmetric Encryption algorithm which uses same key both for encryption and decryption. The proposed algorithm uses mathematical concept of convolution sum and deconvolution with the combination of Z-Transform for encryption and decryption. Keywords - Encryption, Cryptography, Information Security, Decryption, Data Security.