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Waste Heat Scavenging by Thermoelectric Nanocomposite

Nanostructured thermoelectric materials are promising for future energy conversion and harvesting. Recently, cost-effective and roughened Si nanowire has been demonstrated to be a good candidate. In this work, we report a solution process to synthesize composite nanostructure of Si nanowire and oxide nanoarticles. Structural characterization of the composite was identified using standard microscopy practices. The thermoelectric bulk was made, followed by micromachining and fabrication of contact electrodes and package. A module was made to test the accumulation of the voltage to achieve a higher output for the purpose of feasible application as the powder source. The devices were for enhanced body heat energy harvesting applications. Heat conversion of the samples can be ~1 nW/cm2 at room temperature at ambient condition. This approach provides an applicable route to synthesize advanced high performance thermoelectric composite materials for body heat energy conversion near room temperature, as well as the conversion of industrial waste heat into electricity at the temperature range more than 100 C, and can be an example as the power for internet of things and waste heat scavenging. Keywords - Si nanowire, Nanocomposite, Thermoelectric, Energy Harvesting.