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GNRFET Analog Devices for Optimum Noise Performance and High Frequency Stability

Recent technology with MEMS devices lack high sensitivity, high speed, and power consumption. Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS) however, feature these issues and become good candidates for important applications such as health sciences, communications, computers, and high speed auto dynamic systems. A number of nanoscale devices have been proposed and used in high speed communications and low power circuitries, including GaN, GaAs, and FinFET. Graphene Nano Ribbon Field Effect Transistors (GNRFETs) and Tunnelling Field Effect Transistors (TFETs) are two recent devices that are under investigation for various NEMS applications. Their high sensitivity and low power consumptions made them potential candidates for future communication equipment and systems. This paper addresses full characteristics of the GNRFET power amplifier classes A, B, and AB for their efficiencies, noise performances, and high frequency stability. ADS/EMPro (advanced Design System) was utilized for the simulation. The simulation showed noise figure as low as 0.064dbs for class A, and 0.32 dbs for class B, and 2.7dbs for class AB power amplifiers. The stability factors K was above unity in all, and as high as 5.12 for class A. The stability factor was estimated at frequency range within 2GHz. The harmonics were as low as -100 dbs for class A, -60 dbs for class B, and -50dbs for class AB, all simulated at 1GHz. The results of these simulations suggest that the GNRFET devices fit well into future high-speed communications, computer architecture, among others.