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A Study on Smart-Contract Prevention of forgery of Escrow Information Based Block-chain

It is most important to secure the integrity and security of the most important labor contracts in an employment contract between a worker and an employer. In situations where the risks resulting from the tampered/forged labor contract are more likely to apply to the socially underprivileged, the labor contract must be secured with confidence in any circumstances. The created labor contract is encrypted, distributed, and stored by management using the block-chain technology of this project. In the future, the content of the labor contract can be revised through the management system, and the contents of the labor contract can be easily checked with the viewer for the Smart phone application. By presenting such a system of this project, it becomes easier to create labor contracts electronically than employers and workers, and since the common documents are viewed through the Viewer, the double contract problem disappears. Also, the contents of the contract are securely distributed and stored via block-chain technology, and the risk of information hacking to the outside can be prevented in advance. In this study, we are going to propose a solution to prevent the risk of tampering/forgery of contract information based on block-chain of labor contracts with high reliability and integrity. Keywords - Block-chain, Smart-contract, Ethereum, Ethereum