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A Case Study on UML Class Diagram, Source Code Translator based on Round-Trip Engineering by using Java Code Analysis Technique

As programming education becomes more important in recent years, it is necessary to learn how the code written by students reflects Object-Oriented(OO) concepts. e present a tool called the Round Trip Translator (RTT) that transforms the Unified Modeling Language (UML) class diagram and Java source code to provide a web-based environment that provides real-time synchronization of UML and source code.RTT is a tool for students who are learning OO concepts to understand how their UML or source code reflects the concepts that user intended. This study compares the efficiency and user-friendliness of RTT with the existing Round-Trip Engineering-based tools. The results show that students have improved understanding of OO concepts through UML and source code translation by using the RTT. We also observed that students were satisfied with the use of the RTT, which provides more efficient and convenient user interface than the existing tools. Keywords - Round-Trip Engineering, Object-Oriented Programming, Education, Software Tools.