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Impact of Social Media Traffic Backlinks in Webometrics

Webometrics ranking of world university is the ranking of website educational institution, they emphasize about user accessibility of website. Webometrics use 2 measures to rank institution website, first is website visibility 50%, this indicator evaluate from website impact score and the other one is website activity 50%, the website activity measure from website presence, openness and excellence. Website visibility focus on impact ranking that weight from total number of backlinks from outside university website. Impact ranking in webometrics using data from ahref and majestic tools for ranked the website. It focus on total number of backlinks. Backlinks from external institution website is the first priority group to consider but the others group is backlinks from social media channel which consideration too. This article purpose to study about backlinks from social media traffic which effect to ranking in webometrics. Keywords - Webometrics, Visibility, Website, Backlinks, Social Media.