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Automated Evaluation System for Subjective Answers and Programming Assignments

Grading of students’ descriptive and programming answers is a very tedious task. This situation is a candidate for automation and calls for a system which would allow students to upload their subjective answers and programs on the server and get them evaluated based on model answers and test cases specified by the professor. In this survey paper, we have presented a system of which will automatically evaluate subjective answers and programming assignments along with its design and architecture. Descriptive answers will be evaluated based on the model answer and keywords stored in the database. The software will also check for spelling, grammatical errors and sentence formation of the answers. Program testing will be performed by first compiling the program and checking for errors. The program output will at that point be checked against a few experiments which might be submitted physically by teachers or produced naturally by the framework. The proposed framework is made available through web interface for all clients, including teachers and students. Keywords - Automated Evaluation, Programming Assignment Evaluation, Subjective Answer Evaluation.