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Execution of Innovative Algorithm to Enhance the Sensor Node’s Energy

Nowadays, Wireless Sensor Network is emerging technology. Wireless sensor nodes work in specific areas where a human cannot get access easily. Therefore, to improve the battery lifetime of sensor nodes are the main concern for the researchers. This paper summarizes the work to bring improvement in the energy consumption of sensor nodes. For this purpose, we proposed enhanced k-mean algorithm with the specific selection of Energy to distribute Cluster Head node’s energy uniformly within a network and increase the Sensor’s life. We analyzed our proposed Enhanced K-mean algorithm with LEACH on the basis of four basics parameters such as Number of rounds, residual energy, the number of dead nodes and number of packets sends to a base station. Our results on Matlab simulator reveal that Enhanced k-mean algorithm outperforms as compared to LEACH. Our Proposed k-mean is more efficient and will increase the overall lifetime of sensor nodes within WSN. Keywords - Cluster Head (CH); Low Energy Adaptive Cluster Head (LEACH);Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).