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Working Principle of Li-Fi Technology and its Deployment in IoT Applications

The process of communication may happen in many ways using various means starting from expressions, body gestures, pictorial representation, letter writing and so on. Major transformation of communication was rapidly changed after invention of wired communication like using telephones. After some years the same communication process has been migrated to wireless communication with the invention of mobile phones. Meanwhile, Internet came into the picture and upgraded the communication process to next level. By using this technology, we can facilitate the transfer of information in digital format. In wireless mode of transfer, Wi-Fi technology which works on the basis of radio frequency is being used to transfer such information. But it is having some limitations and demerits regarding bandwidth, security, health issues of user, power consumption etc. The above said demerits are rectified with Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) technology. This paper will cover the basic details, design, advantages and comparison of Li-Fi technology and also discusses the usage of this technology in IoT applications. Keywords - IoT, Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, Communication Technology