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Exploring Antecedents of Online Live Streaming Intention

This study aimed to explore the antecedents of “Online Live Streaming Intention” by integrating the “Technology Acceptance Model”, “Self Determination Theory”, and “Information System Success Model”. This study executed the field survey with convenience sampling and 345 users in Taiwan who ever used Instagram to conduct “Online Live Streaming” participated in this study. The Confirmation Factor Analysis (CAF) was used to evaluate reliability, convergent validity, and discriminant validity and the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was used to test the hypotheses. The research results found that “Intrinsic Motivation” (i.e., Desire for Self-Presentation) significantly and positively influences “Perceived Usefulness” and “Perceived Ease of Use”; “Extrinsic Motivation” (i.e., Social Benefits and Feedback) significantly and positively influence “Perceived Usefulness”. Besides, “Platform Characteristics Factors” (i.e., Service Quality and System Quality) positively influence “Perceived Ease of Use”. Additionally, “Perceived Ease of Use” positively influences “Perceived Usefulness”. Finally, “Perceived Usefulness” positively influences “Online Live Streaming Continuous Intention”. Keywords - Online Live Streaming Intention, Technology Acceptance Model, Self Determination Theory, and Information System Success Model.