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Investigation on SMES Performance to Limit the Impact of Wind Power on the Behavior of the Power Network

This work treated the influence of wind turbine coupled in an electrical network and load variation on the behaviours of power system and shows the SMES ability to improve the behaviour of the network in this case. The work is to replace one of hydro power generators by wind turbine with a penetration rate of 27% and evaluated the frequency and active power generated by other turbine generators, also a comparison between the performance of PSS and SMES to improve the behaviours of hydro generators is established. The two areas with four machines electric power system is taking as a power test system for simulation. Using the phasor model of SMES and DFIG, the obtained results show the impact of DFIG on the behaviour of power system and the effectiveness of SMES unit to facilitate the coupling of wind turbine with the power system. Keywords - Wind power, DFIG, SMES, PSS.